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Plastic (polythene) shopping bag manufacturers and supplier

Since 1990 we are amongst the most respectable plastic bag manufacturers & suppliers and since that time we constantly evolve, develop the offer and adjust our products to changing market conditions and requirements of our customers. Since the very beginning we aim at production of polythene products in accordance with environment protection standards. We create and supply products which are recyclable – the material can be reused to manufacture other items of common use. What is more, they do not emit harmful substances when damaged and incinerated.

As a leading plastic shopping bags manufacturer in the country we care about the diversity of our offer. Thus, we supply traditional and eco-friendly versions, along with polythene bags with print in up to 8 colours. They are made through photographic, flexographic, rotogravure or solid printing. Such diversity increases the production potential of our company and lets us supply a complete range of products to our clients.

Through constant care for the quality of aesthetic side, solidity as well as practicality of the products we provide you with the solutions your business needs. Modern plastic bag manufacturing technology lets you choose virtually every detail and aspect of the product, including its size, colours, form and material. Frogut Plastics is at your disposal also when you are looking for a completely original, non-standard design.


DKT/Market Bags DKT/Market Bags

They are still one of the most popular products in the whole offer. We are a manufacturer of plastic bags who bases its everyday work on high quality materials and provides you with a choice of reinforcement method. Our team is ready to create for you simple, yet solid, practical and eye-catching promotional gadgets. Choose the most effective print, entrust us with its production and employ marketing potential of our products.

Soft Loop Bags Soft Loop Bags

Very durable and sizeable products with special welded handles. Their design and form provides buyers with much more space for their shopping, thus increase the comfort of packing and transporting the items they have bought at your store. At the same time the space for your print is increased, which raises the promotional value of the product. Quite often the polythene bags are used more than just a couple of times which lets your advertisement reach more consumers at lower cost on your side.

T-shirt Bags T-shirt Bags

Popular plastic shopping bag in the form of a T-shirt is most often used in large malls and centres. Their characteristic durability is combined with relatively low production costs, thus you can get them at highly attractive price. It has become a must for any larger chain of stores as the customers expect to find them near the counters. As other products included in the offer they can be printed on both sides with the graphic project of your choice.

Thermobags Thermobags

Not all polythene bags manufacturers have included them in their offer. Frogut has prepared a choice of two- or threelayered solutions, perfect for frozen products or transportation of shopping which should be kept in lower temperatures. At high practicality, they also provide you with even more effective advertising option, as their metallic finish attracts the attention of passers-by. Naturally, you can additionally enhance their looks by printing your logo or other graphic element on each side.

Ecological Bags Ecological Bags

Despite common belief, the materials used in the process of polythene bag production are degradable and biodegradable. Concern for natural environment lies in the very heart of our business operation. Thus we have developed products, which constitute the future of our market. At the same time, in order to provide you and your clients with practical solutions, we have not compromised the durability of the products.

Other Bags Other Bags

Our vast experience and extensive knowledge on materials and modern polythene production technology allow us to answer even the most demanding requirements of our business partners. Over the years we have completed orders for other versions of our products, thus proving our leading position amongst polythene bag manufacturers. You can pick duffle, modern, side gusset along with other, non-standard projects.

How do we work?

That’s how we work as a plastic bag supplier and manufacturer! According to the best industry standards. Each project involves 4 steps:

  1. Order – we carefully listen to your needs and ideas, analyze them and present to you an initial offer.
  2. Design – we prepare a visual project, establishing the form, size, print colours and other details of the product.
  3. Polythene bag production – according to current European regulations and with the highest attention paid to the quality on every step of the process.
  4. Distribution – we supply you with ready products ensuring reliable delivery in Poland and internationally.

Protection of environment

We strongly believe in the necessity to care for natural environment. As a result, we invest our time and resources in order to develop eco-solutions for our clients. At the same time we provide consumers with proven facts about polythene, its parameters and influence on the environment, fighting untrue common beliefs. For instance, did you know, that water contamination during the production of paper packaging is more than 50 times higher than in the case of plastic bags?