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Professional plastic bag manufacturing forms the basis of our business activity. The production process is the result of many years of experience in the industry and constant search for quality, verified materials. Each of our plastic shopping bags is created on the basis of environmentally friendly polythene. The items we manufacture are not only practical, but also perform a promotional function – thanks to the printing in up to 8 colours. We always apply proven solutions and state-of-the-art technology in the polythene bag production process.

Being one of the most environmentally responsible polythene bag manufacturers we supply products, which are environmentally friendly:

  • they do not contain heavy metals,
  • they are neutral to the ground-water,
  • they do not emit harmful substances when incinerated.
DKT/Market DKT/Market Bags

Our products are based on LDPE, HDPE & MDPE – high quality polythene. As an experienced plastic bag supplier and manufacturer we offer them in several versions, including matte, glossy, reinforced (through older Market and newer DKT method) and several others. Their form and simple elegance has become over the years the most basic as well as the most popular version, selected by shopping malls, chain stores as well as smaller shops. As a result of their relatively high durability and resistance to damage, they can be reused instead of being thrown away instantly after use.

Soft Loop Soft Loop Bags

Highly practical solution in the form of welded handles from solid foil not only improves aesthetic aspect of the product, but also strengthens it, raising significantly its durability and comfort of use. What is more, such handles allowed to increase the capacity without significantly interfering with the general form of the product. Confirming our position of innovative plastic shopping bags manufacturer we have developed items with exemplary resistance to tears, abrasions and damage due to excessive weight of the carried items – a perfect solution for every shop.

T-shirt T-shirt Bags

This very popular ‘T-shirt’ model is quite often selected due to relatively low price, great practicality and optimum resistance to damage. Frequently they can be encountered in large markets and chain stores, as such businesses find them to be the best price/quality compromise. Their form supports simple packing of the products your customers bought as well as increases the comfort of carrying them later on. To turn it into your company advertisement, you can request that polythene bags manufacturers include print (e.g. your logo) on your product in up to 4 colours.

Thermobags Thermobags Bags

It is not a standard amongst plastic bag manufacturers to include in their offer the insulated models. We have prepared two or even three-layered products, which guarantee the appropriate temperature of frozen or cooled products is kept for a prolonged period of time. They have become a perfect solution for short transportation as they prevent excessive growth of temperature, keeping the chocolate, soda or even ice cream or butter in a perfect condition and ready to cool you on a hot summer day. Stores frequently select them also due to their form, which attracts the attention thus makes them highly effective in terms of your brand’s promotion.

Ecological Ecological Bags

No production facility should ignore the problem of pollution and harm to the natural environment caused by their actions. Frogut Plastics has made every effort over the years to minimise the harmful influence of plastic bags. As a result of our innovations and development, we currently offer ecological products which are biodegradable, thus their negative effect is minimal. At the same time, the production process involving polythene is more environmentally friendly than for instance the production of paper shopping bags. We believe the future of our industry is green.

Other types Other types Bags

As a manufacturer of plastic bags we keep developing the offer and our production capabilities. As a result we are not limited to only a few standard and the most popular types of products. We also supply interesting side gusset, solid blocktype, duffle, clothing or drawstring versions to a wide variety of business partners. Our team undertakes as well other, even more unique projects based on unconventional ideas. All to answer individual, highly specific needs of investors. Therefore, do not feel limited to the few examples we present on our website – contact us to discuss your original requirements.