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DKT/Market Bags

The most popular type of reusable plastic bags, highly practical and representing a fantastic advertising medium employed in the promotion of chain stores, supermarkets, smaller shops as well as service companies and other entities.

Our company offers polythene bag production from LDPE, HDPE and MDPE foil. They are all strong, reliable and friendly to the environment and their quality is carefully controlled and improved in our advanced manufacturing process. Depending on the type of foil used for their production, they come in several versions:

  • glossy,
  • matte,
  • rustling
  • non-rustling.

Minimum order: 50 000 pcs

DKT/Market Bags

Each type is ready to be printed on with up to 8 colours. You can pick virtually any design and project, which will become your trademark sign catching the eye of numerous consumers.

At the same time such form of promotion is relatively inexpensive – especially in comparison with other advertising methods.

The handle can be reinforced either by gluing an extra strip of the foil (DKT) or by folding the foil at the top of the product (MARKET), which is an older and less effective method. However, both of them strengthen the polythene, improve its reliability as well as comfort of carrying shopping. As a result of such characteristics, your customers will use these plastic products more willingly and more frequently, promoting your brand even more effectively in the process.

FROGUT belongs to the group of major polythene bag manufacturers and suppliers for more than 25 years already, which gives us the necessary experience and knowledge to satisfy the needs of every business partner. We cooperated and still cooperate with the biggest retailers on the market as well as manufacturers of branded products.

Our plastic shopping bags are exceptional because:

  1. they are friendly to the environment – they can be recycled and they are degradable over time,
  2. plastic bag manufacturing requires much less energy than the production of paper bags,
  3. during their utilization (e.g. when incinerated) they do not emit harmful substances to the atmosphere,
  4. their production does not involve or cause water contamination,
  5. they are lighter and at the same time much more durable than paper ones.

Elegance and almost unlimited possibilities of print make it a basic type of an advertising polythene bag. FROGUT has the experience and production capabilities you need to create a perfect promotional product, which is practical at the same time and perfectly represents and advertises your brand. The projects we have realised so far are the proof that we truly are a reliable business partner for all companies caring about comfort of their customers as well as looking for remarkable methods of promotion.

Examples of products

Plastic bag Apovest
CandyPeople Bag
Shopping bag FRK Mage
Polythene bag GoSport
Handbag Intersport
DKT/Market Lee
Duffel Lisner
Shopping bag Maverick
Handbag Seagrams
Plastic sack Tigi
DKT/Market duffel Wrangler
DKT/Market sack Wyborowa
DKT/Market bag Nike
DKT/Market pack TKMaxx