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Ecological Bags

A traditional plastic bag is used in average for… 30 minutes! After that time it lands in the trash bin and later – on the landfill, where it can degrade and dissolve naturally for more than 400 years.

We realize the threat caused to the environment by billions of disposable bags, which are used every year all over the world.

The solution we have proposed recently are products made of degradable and biodegradable materials, which decompose by themselves in natural conditions after several months.


Our process of plastic bag manufacturing involves using biodegradable polymers conforming to the European norms and standards. Such type of package degrades in natural way – through the influence of bacteria, moisture, temperature and other external elements. Additionally, the offer includes degradable polythene products, manufactured with the use of materials increasing the speed of decomposition up to 24 months.

By choosing ecological plastic bags manufactured and supplied by Frogut, you:

Packaging from degradable materials is in all respects as easy to use as standard, non-ecological ones manufactured from other plastics. They decompose completely and do not emit harmful substances to the atmosphere. As a result, these products can be utilized the same way standard organic waste is treated.

At the same time, the polythene bags production process is less harmful to the natural environment, than e.g. manufacturing of paper packaging! Less air pollution, water contamination and energy used translate into less damage to the environment. They also take up less space, thus less trucks and other means of transportation is required to deliver them to the buyers. Moreover, plastic bags can be used several times (due to their higher durability) for shopping or other purposes, while paper ones are usually damaged already after the first use.

This truly is the future of the packaging market – a combination of practicality, low production costs and ecology. What is more, the ecological polythene bags production still lets you promote your brand effectively. The print allows you to put your logo or other graphic project on the product, thus advertise your company at very low costs.

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