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Other Bags

If you have special requirements towards plastic bag supplier and manufacturer, feel free to contact our company. Apart from standard types and versions, our production capabilities allow us to meet more individual, unique demands of our clients. We also produce a wide range of other types of plastic bags (including non-standard ones), amongst others, such versions as:

  • side gusset,
  • modern,
  • block-type,
  • roll,
  • drawstring / drawtape,
  • duffle,
  • clothing,
  • other non-standard.

Other Bags

Advanced production process means they can all be adjusted when it comes to their shapes, reinforcements (handles, bottoms, other elements required for special use) and many more.

You do not have to choose the most universal products as well. We have designed, manufactured and supplied a wide range of less typical polythene bags – adjusted to individual needs of our business partners. Thus we give you the possibility to create unique, even more attractive visually and useful, practical product for the specific needs of your customers.

When ordering the products from polythene bags manufacturers remember to employ the advertising potential as well. As is the case with standard versions, also individually designed products can be printed. You can choose to put your logo, advertising slogan or other graphics on the plastic products to catch the eye of consumers and build your brand awareness every day – at no additional cost.

As a professional manufacturer of plastic bags we offer products with unique:

Such diverse, wide (virtually unlimited) offer lets you provide your stores and service facilities with practical and modern advertising polythene bags. At the same time, through employing their marketing, advertising potential, you have an opportunity to effectively build positive relations with your customer.

This type of promotion and channel of reaching customers is characterised by substantial effectiveness at relatively low costs. Therefore, the advantages of such investment is much higher than simply providing your customers with plastic shopping bags. It might impact short and long term brand recognition in your industry.

Due to the complexity of such order and requirements towards the manufacturing process it is strongly advised to contact our team before placing an order. We will discuss all of the available possibilities and specify the details of your products and our cooperation. You will also have an opportunity to employ the experience of our experts and ask for advice.

Examples of products

Duffle bags
One bottle bags
e-shopping bags with double glue stripe
Pharmacy bags
Marathon runners covers
Marathon runners covers
Grocery bags on rolls
Meat bags on rolls