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Soft Loop Bags

Durable, reliable polythene bags with additional welded foil handles. They are especially useful for shopping in a local shop as well as provide an invaluable help for your customers during every larger shopping spree. You can pack up to 12 kilograms without the risk of damage! It makes them one of the most durable products in our offer and allows you to provide your customers with solid, practical solution they will gladly use on a daily basis – also after they have left your store.

FROGUT is the leader amongst plastic bag manufacturers and suppliers and cooperates with the largest chain stores and service companies from diverse industries. Our products are used by one of the most popular brands and shops and serve thousands (and more) consumers every day.

Minimum order: 50 000 pcs

Soft Loop Bags

The soft loop polythene bags are manufactured from highly durable LDPE foil. Wide handles increase the comfort of carrying even heavy shopping while reinforced welded foil elements prevent the handle from tearing.

Sometimes they can be perceived as less attractive visually than other solutions we have included in the offer. However, their big capacity and durability more than compensate for their coarse look.

Our soft loop plastic bags are recommended for, e.g.:

Their use, however, is not limited to those facilities, as our products are all highly universal and can be individualised – LDPE foil allows printing, thus you can select any visuals you want and create a unique advertising material.

Modern polythene bag production allows us to obtain durable product, which can be used for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, your investment is even more profitable – your printed logo or other graphic project promotes your company for much longer time, attracts the attention of consumers and raises your brand awareness.

Over the years of our business activity we have not once forgotten about the care for natural environment. Polythene as a material can be recycled thus it is environmentally friendly. Plastic bag manufacturing with the use of this material also requires much less energy and does not result in the pollution of water.

What is more, we try to keep our prices at minimum level. Through investments and advanced modifications to our production process we were able to maintain very low costs of manufacturing, which translates into lower costs for our business partners as well.

Examples of products

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Shopping bag Geant
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Soft Loop bag Tesco
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