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T-shirt Bags

Quite simple products found practically everywhere and used by virtually everyone on every occasion, including small shopping in your local store.

Due to their low price and quite high durability, they are also commonly used in super- and hypermarkets as free of charge, disposable counter bags. Thus, they are a perfect choice for diverse businesses. Even more so, as more and more people get used to them and assume they will be available in the store they are going to.

As a result, virtually every business must have them to meet the expectations of their customers.

Minimum order: 200 000 pcs

T-shirt Bags

As a reliable and responsible manufacturer of plastic bags we supply products created on the basis of environmentally friendly solutions. The production process employs, for example, biodegradable materials.

It means, that the polythene products undergo the decomposition process and do not become an unsolvable issue for natural environment. Such care is in the centre of our business activity and makes us the business partner every ‘green’ company looks for.

Naturally, the eco-friendly aspect is very important, but it is not the only advantage of the T-shirt polythene bags we manufacture. What else is exceptional about our products? Amongst other things:

  1. they are manufactured from LDPE (glossy, soft, non-rustling) and HDPE (matte, rustling) foils with biodegradable additive – it makes them solid, quite resistant to damage as well as eco-friendly,
  2. they can effectively promote your brand thanks to the print in up to four colours on both sides of the product,
  3. they are economically packed – there are no unnecessary, additional costs for you, which makes the investment even more profitable,
  4. they are inexpensive and very practical – a combination bringing the best results for every business, despite the industry they operate in.

Today, we cannot imagine everyday shopping without packing them into handy, light and practical polythene bags. At Frogut plastic bag manufacturing is based on high quality degradable materials, which can and are recycled. We also make sure our products conform to the highest quality standards, providing our business partners with the exact products they require.

Employ this practical advertising solution in the promotion and everyday operation of your business. Establish the details of cooperation with Frogut Plastics, choose the best graphic project to promote your brand and leave the rest to our experts, who will gladly answer all of your questions concerning the polythene bag production capabilities.

Examples of products

Shopping bag Lubella
Plastic bag Netto
Polythene bag Pamapak
Shopping handbag Pharmaland
T-shirt pack Biedronka
Duffel Biedronka
T-shirt sack Tesco