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When shopping for frozen products or items, which need to be refrigerated, thermobags are an invaluable help.

The polythene bag production process is based on the use of special foil which minimizes the heat transfer.

Their two or three layers allow to maintain proper temperature of frozen food for many hours enabling their comfortable transport home from a shop. Optimum temperature is maintained also thanks to tight plastic fastener.

Minimum order: 10 000 pieces.


Such packaging has proven to keep the cool temperature for at least one hour after it has been closed.

They were designed in order to make sure such products as ice cream, fish, meat and other frozen or refrigerated food items do not lose their taste and remain in unchanged state until they are delivered or transported. The technology and quality of materials used make sure these conditions are met.

Being one of the leading plastic bag manufacturers and suppliers we make sure our products:

Customers choosing thermobags can safely transport their products to their homes, without the risk of defrosting. The food does not lose its taste, ice cream does not melt and other products are in the exact state you bought them. Due to such parameters, the insulated polythene bags we manufacture have become quite popular, especially amongst customers of supermarkets and grocery shops.

Moreover, eye-catching metallic foil and wide possibilities of print make those plastic shopping bags very good advertising medium. Therefore, you get highly durable and very practical product, which can promote your company for more than one or two uses. The form, size and practicality all increase the thermobags potential when it comes to your brand promotion. Yet still, the price is relatively low when compared to other advertising methods.

Please keep in mind, that the thermobags were designed to support transport of frozen products – not to store them for a prolonged period of time.

Examples of products

Plastic thermobag Algida
Handbagg Carte dOr
Polythene thermobag Grycan
Platic bag Hortex
Shopping bag Kinder
Polythene duffel Wedel
Plastic pack LeaderPrice